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Welcome to our brand, new, redesigned website. We’ve not only updated our look, but we’ve added more content and a few new features (including this news page). Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Recent Headlines

Trump Files Federal Lawsuit in Bid to Strike Down NY Law Allowing Congress to Obtain State Tax Returns

The president's attorney, William Consovoy, is taking the new tax disclosure law to court before Democrats or committee chairpersons can invoke it.

Read the Document: Grand Jury Finds 'Troubling' Conflicts After Parkland School Shooting

A statewide grand jury investigating conduct from public officials surrounding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting has filed its first interim report.

My Weekday Workout: Jackson Lewis' Iciss Tillis

The former Women's National Basketball Association player took a break from working out but is back at it in a big way.

The Big Questions, and Curbed Expectations, Lawyers Have for Robert Mueller

Stuart Gerson, Neal Katyal, James Comey and many others are writing about the things they want Mueller to be asked—and answered—at Wednesday's hearings. Here's a snapshot.

Penn Law Condemns Amy Wax's Comments as Racist and Says She's Taking a Sabbatical

Hundreds of University of Pennsylvania students and alumni called for the law professor to be removed from teaching following her remarks on immigration at a national conference for conservatives.

'Revenge Porn' Bill Signed into Law in NY

The new law will take effect in two months, after which victims will also be able to seek a court-ordered injunction to have their images removed from a website.

Ahead of the Curve: The Case For Open Casebooks

This week's Ahead of the Curve looks at open casebooks and whether they are on track to replace traditional textbooks. And former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau was known for taking on mob bosses and crooked Wall Street titans, but did you also know he brought down a former Harvard Law School dean?