Mays Byrd & Associates

Mays, Byrd & Associates has a long, rich history of protecting the rights of Arkansas workers and employers. The firm is committed to providing legal representation that is thorough and methodical in defending the rights of its clients.

Since joining the firm in 1984, partner Arkie Byrd has been litigating EEO cases, and specializes in employment law. She has appeared before Congress to present testimony on various EEO issues, worked with Senate and Congressional staff on EEO laws and policy, and organized and presented briefs involving EEO issues before the U.S. Supreme Court. Ms. Byrd has also participated in numerous EEOC mediations, advised corporate clients in EEO matters, as well as investigated EEO claims for clients.

Attorneys with experience in Employment Law:
Arkie Byrd | Tiffany Mays O’Guinn

Mays, Byrd & Associates is eager to put these years of employment law experience to work for you.