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Welcome to our brand, new, redesigned website. We’ve not only updated our look, but we’ve added more content and a few new features (including this news page). Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Recent Headlines

Talent Retention Isn't Just About Flexibility and Benefits

The trust and goodwill firms worked so hard to build with their staff now hangs in the balance, and a slip could have serious ramifications.

With Texas Ruling, Supreme Court's New Conservative Majority Signals 'Roe' Is in Jeopardy

"It gives them a cover for covertly overruling Roe vs. Wade without having to do so," one legal expert said of the Texas abortion case.

Who Got the Work? Fighting a Consumer Suit vs. Coke, Helping Allbirds Go Public, Defending Dollar Tree and More

Here's your weekly round-up of the law firms and lawyers around the country being tapped to handle key cases and close major deals for their clients.

It's Going to Be Difficult—Law Firms Wrestle Over Unvaccinated COVID Survivors

Amid a rise in employers requiring shots in arms, some in the legal industry are still grappling with how to handle claims that "natural immunity" should count as an exemption to vaccine mandates.

Authority to File Chapter 11: A Matter of Contract or Public Policy?

If you think public policy favoring the freedom to file a Chapter 11 trumps the freedom to negotiate specific restrictions to such a filing, think again.

Take Our Survey: Should the Term 'White Shoe' Be Canceled?

Several conversations have taken place around the utility of the term in the modern legal environment. What do you think?

From 'Spooky' Masks to Jury Selection in a Church, Lawyers Have COVID-19 Trial Stories to Tell

"I suspect the folks who are showing up are probably vaccinated," said former DeKalb State Court Judge Dax Lopez. He added that he told the lawyers, "Your jury pool might look different—slightly more educated, more affluent than the normal cross-section of the community."