Mays Byrd & Associates

Real estate and property law encompasses a variety of related legal issues.

Because this specialty is complicated by the significant inconsistency in the laws throughout different cities and states, clients need attorneys that provide representation that is well-versed in many different categories of the field.

Mays, Byrd and Associates has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this law category. Founding partner Richard Mays, Sr. has consulted with many state, federal, and international agencies in managing the legal aspects of real estate development. These agencies include the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, CMS Energy of Jackson, Michigan, and the U.S.-South Africa Business Development Committee. Mr. Mays along with partner Arkie Byrd and associate Richard Mays, Jr. are prepared and to manage your legal needs related to property rights.

Our attorneys can serve your needs in a variety of property lay arenas, including:

• Drafting deeds and filing liens,
• Litigating boundary and zoning disputes,
• Managing corporate property acquisitions and closing, and
• Assisting families facing the threat of foreclosure.

Attorneys with experience in Property Law:
Richard L. Mays, Sr. | Arkie Byrd | Richard L. Mays, Jr.